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If this is your first project inquiry, please take a moment to review the following items before sending a message:

Please review these items for discussing the details of your project. Don't feel obliged to provide extensive coverage for each item, although the more you can offer the better. Rather, use this as a general guide to questions necessary to begin thinking about and discussing your project.

  1. What is the goal of the website you want to produce?
    More importantly, who is your audience? In other words, what exactly do you wish to communicate and to whom?
  2. What is the overall style or "flavor" you want to express?
    Gather a list of websites or other media you admire. Any design examples from the Web, in magazines or books, video, billboards or signage, or other media are useful, including what you don't like and why.
  3. What content do you have available for publishing?
    For instance, do you have video, text, images, or audio? What are the general lengths or number of these assets? Also, do you have a logo identity and color palette established?
  4. What interactive features do you envision?
    For example, some features might be: a blog, Multiple languages, special interactivity or animation, in-depth product demonstrations, photo gallery, etc.
  5. Do you need to update content yourself or with others?
    If so, what kinds of content do you want to have access to? Examples include calendar or regular events, blog, and photo galleries, etc.


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